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K9beetz Licensing options

Basic Lease

$ 30
  • MP3 File
  • WAV File
  • 7500 Distribution Copies
  • Unlimited Free Downloads
  • 2000 Non Profit Performances
  • 200 Paid Performances
  • 1 Music Video
  • 10,000 Audio Streams
  • 10,000 Video Streams

Premium Lease

$ 60
  • MP3 & WAV File
  • All Trackout Files
  • 15000 Distribution Copies
  • Unlimited Free Downloads
  • 3000 Non Profit Performances
  • 300 Paid Performances
  • 1 Music Video
  • 50,000 Audio Streams
  • 50,000 Video Streams

Unlimited Lease

$ 100
  • MP3 & WAV File
  • All Trackout Files
  • Unlimited Distribution Copies
  • Unlimited Free Downloads
  • 4000 Non Profit Performances
  • 400 Paid Performances
  • Unlimited Music Video
  • Unlimited Audio Streams
  • UnlimitedVideo Streams

Non exclusive beat leasing (K9beetz)

Most independent artists don’t have financial backing so sourcing high quality professional beats that are affordable is challenging. The more accessible way that helps the artist and producer grow organically is to lease beats non-exclusively. K9beetz provides high quality music for afforable prices that independant artists can take advantage of.

What this means is that the producer retains the ownership of the beat and may lease it to as many artists as required. Professionally produced, arranged and mixed beats at as low as x4 for $30.00 is a steal so give K9beetz leasing a try!


  • Affordable high quality music production
  • Hassle free service, fast delivery of non-tagged beats after purchase
  • No sample clearance required
  • Pre-mixed to high standard

Dream Team EPs

K9beetz presents these fantasy projects combining artists that should have done a project together but didn’t! Made in a nostalgic style, K9 skilfully moulds the bespoke music around these legendary artists! All of the beats are available for non-exclusive lease, click song to fast track to the beat and share so that we can pay homage to the golden era of hip-hop!

In Da House
Fade Away
I ain't playin' (feat.Planet Asia)
Child of Jesus (feat.Jennifer Hudson)
King Kong (feat.Blackroad Gee)
Dirty Rhymes
Dirty Rhymes Artwork_K9beetz

About K9beetz

K9beetz has been involved in music for over 20 years,  producing solo albums for himself as an artist, in addition to producing and developing groups and not just in hip-hop. K9beetz has worked with artists in the UK, US, Germany, France, French Caribbean and Jamaica. His musical baseline is 90’s boombap hip-hop and he has developed his musicality by classically training to play the piano. K9beetz is constantly evolving as a music producer and has played, keys, bass guitar and drums in a number of bands. K9beetz is currently producing projects for a new Neo Soul group (Melonyx) and a Jazz singer (VVN). The sky is limit! Get your hands on some of his beats while you can!

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